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Do you have an Escrow Company I can Use

We work with the best escrow officers in the business. yes we can pair you with a winning team.

Do I need a California Real Estate license to transact with Shore Capital / Vista Pacific Realty?

Yes, you do need to have an active California Real Estate license to transact with Shore Capital / Vista Pacific Realty. You will need an NMLS license to sell loans

Can I sell both Real Estate & Loans?

You can sell both Real Estate and Loans. You do need to have an active California Real Estate License for both Real Estate and Loan Transactions. In addition, you also need to be registered and up to date with the Department of Real Estate and NMLS&R requirements for loan transactions.

Do I need to be experienced?

Experience isn"t required, but if you are new to real estate it is suggested that you attend training classes or contract with a mentor on your 1st transaction.

Can anyone with a Real Estate License join Shore Capital’s team?

Unfortunately we cannot sign up every agent who inquires about joining. Each Shore Capital Agent is carefully interviewed and background checks are sometimes conducted.

What is the Commission Split?

were not the cheapest, but we will be competitive.

Do you have Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Yes, this is included in the flat transaction fee per closed file and covers the cost of legal advise, settlements, judgments, legal fees, claims, litigation and other risk management costs.

Are there any minimum sales volume or quotas?

There is no minimum sales volume or quotas. Each agent can set their own sale volume and quota goals.

Are there any desk fees, monthly fees, franchise fees or any other kind of hidden fees?

There are absolutely no desk fees, monthly fees, franchise fees or hidden fees of any kind. In addition each agent decides what to charge their clients, and whether or not it is appropriate to raise or reduce their commissions

What MLS boards are you a member of?

We are a member of multiple boards throughout California. To see a current list please Click here to view We are a member of multiple boards throughout California. To see a current list please Click here to view.

Do you have Transaction Coordinator and Loan Processor Services available?

We have both Transaction Coordinator as well as Loan Processor Services available.

Am I free to use any lender, title company or escrow company in my transactions?

Yes. You"re free to select the services that best suit your clients" needs. We are approved with 30 wholesale lenders offering a variety of loan programs.

Can I sign up with additional Lenders?

Yes, please email; we will require a broker’s package from the new lender.

Can I choose my own Transaction Coordinator or Loan Processor?

You can use any Transaction Coordinator or Loan Processor you like, but we ask that they attend our short, web-based compliance training class to become acquainted with our transaction checklists.

Does Marketing and Advertising need to be approved?

We ask that you get all marketing and advertising approved by the legal department to make sure you are protected.

Why Shore Capital / Vista Pacific Realty?

Shore Capital was created for agents who want the highest commission split and a professional, streamlined transaction process so they can maximize their profits and focus on quality service for their clients. Traditional brokerages charge thousands more in commission splits and monthly fees; We charge just $675 per closed Real Estate or Loan transaction.

What's different about Shore Capital and Vista Pacific Realty?

Our agents work from home, or private offices, part-time or full-time using Online Transaction Tools. There is no minimum sales volume or quotas and absolutely no desk fees, monthly fees, franchise fees or hidden fees of any kind. Without a costly office infrastructure, our agents enjoy the highest commission payouts in the industry. Our agents also enjoy the ability to do both Real Estate and Loan transactions.

Can I open my own branch?

Yes, you can request approval to open your own branch.

How do I get Real Estate Signs and Business Cards?

You may use any vendor you like using our Shore Capital or Vista Pacific Realty logo.

How often are Commissions paid?

Commissions are paid out as soon as the file is uploaded into our online transaction system and audited (usually same day / must be in compliance) and usually post to agent"s accounts within 24 to 48 hours. For example, if your file is turned in to QC before 2:00 pm Wednesday and it is in compliance you will be paid Thursday. If the file was received after 2:00pm you will be paid Friday.

How are Commissions paid to agents?

Commissions are paid via direct deposit or by check as preferred by the agent.

Can I work from my home or private office?

Absolutely. You can work from your home, or private office part-time or full-time. Each agent works under their own hours, schedules their own vacation time, and decides how much or how little they would like to work.

Do you provide desk or office space?

We do not provide desk or office space, which allows us to charge the minimum fee per transaction. Our agents are given Online Transaction Tools that allow them to handle loan and real estate paperwork completely online, reducing mail time and operating cost, while keeping sensitive client information secure and paperless.

Can I get Broker Support When Needed?

Absolutely, we offer one-on-one real estate and loan support to every Shore Capital agent, on real life transaction challenges. No transaction challenge is ever too big; our team"s can do attitude turns challenges into successes. Broker assistance is provided though our website, live web support, e-mail, and by phone and fax.

Do you offer any Sales and Marketing Training?

We frequently offer one-on-one phone or web based transaction training and assistance, as well as Sales and Marketing training and assistance.

There Are Many New 100% Commission Brokerages Lately, How Can I Select The Best One For Me?

Not all brokerages are created equal. Anyone can get their brokers license and create a website, but there is no short cut for experience and quality. When selecting a brokerage, do your research. Check the Better Business Bureau, Google the company"s name to see if you can find additional information, and talk to the broker. Make sure the company has Errors and Ommissions Insurance, and do a free online background check.

Can I take a tour of the back site to get a better idea of the resources offered to Shore Capital / Vista Pacific Realty agents?

If you would like to schedule a time to view the back site, we would be happy to give you a tour and show you the resources we offer our agents and how they transact.

What steps are involved when I sign up?

Signing up is a relatively easy process. The first step is signing and returning the Shore Capital paperwork and transferring your license. Our staff will assist you in getting acquainted with our back site, as well as provide you with all of the tools you will need to transact.

How to Contact Us:

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